Meet Creative Commons

In as many ways we can use Creative Commons to share, learn, and communicate with like-minded people around the globe, we can explain what it is that Creative Commons does. There are countless blogs, pictures, lectures, and songs on the benefits of CC. This time around, however, we’ve worked with the highly creative animators of WikiKiwis to produce an informative and entertaining animation explaining why and how Creative Commons achieves what it does best; promote sharing and creative content generation while respecting intellectual property rights.

The animation [comically] depicts creative people as they innovate with arts, science, literature, and music only to be hindered by the current strict regulations on copyrights. These regulations often do well with regards to protecting intellectual property in the physical, but their outdated restrictions compromises our ability as a global network of creative content creators to share and modify work freely and openly.

Enter Creative Commons: the protagonist of the story that helps us all share, mix and remix — while respecting copyrights! By providing content licenses which are primarily designed to allow for creative works to be used, modified, and shared, Creative Commons paves the way for a global community of inspired and inspirational content creators and users that can-in turn-revolutionize the way we work together through the Internet.

Check our video and feel free to use it as you want — keep it moving forward!